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White Container House – South Korea

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Hi everybody, today’s container house is from Malaysia.

The container construction period is short and the cost can be reduced.

  • Project name: 2 storey container mall housing
  • Location: Seosaeng-myeon, Ulju-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Area: 120. 80m2 (about 36.54 pyeong)
  • Gross Area: 228. 92m2 (About 69.25pyeong

Ganjeolgot is famous for Ulsan and its beautiful sunrise and sunrise.

There are cafe streets around Ganjeolgot, which is full of pretty cafes and restaurants and is a hot place in Ulsan.

Container House, a residential house recently completed, is being opened in March on the beautiful Ganjeolgot Café Street, named Grazie.

It has a total floor area of 228 squaremetre, and it is a large building among the container houses, but the construction period was rather long.

The rooftop terrace is equipped with a photo zone where you can take pictures of the sunrise and sunset while enjoying the view of the sea.

Looking at Ganjeolgot is expected to be a healing space where you can feel good energy.

After only 30% of construction at Namyangju plant of Design Group Tad, we moved to Ulsan Ganjeolgot site.

The remaining 70% of construction was on-site, and the work took about 3 months.

Ulju-gun Ganjeolgot Container House, built with meticulous and delicate construction on the site to be a beautiful architecture in a beautiful place, is a luxurious interior design emphasizing unique and strong appearance and luxury in Ulsan-gun Ulju-gun Ganjeol Cape Cafe Street.

It was born as a high-end container house shopping house with full personality.
Like this, it is built beautifully with care and affection.

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