Multi Unit Container Homes

Two Storey Marine Container Shed

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Located in Washington, United States, this magnificent cargo container house stands out with its modern design and innovative use. Built on two floors, this house was created by combining the 20 ft marine container shed on the lower side and the 40 ft containers on the upper side. The use of dark gray lower floor and vibrant yellow upper floor on the exterior of the house creates a striking contrast.

The terrace balcony, obtained by positioning the upper floor container sideways, offers a perfect space to relax while watching nature. The jacuzzi here offers guests a luxurious experience while enjoying nature. The exterior design of the house was designed to allow natural light to flood in throughout the day; Thus, interior spaces always remain bright and spacious.

While the platform located on the lower floor offers an ideal space to watch and listen to nature, the interior spaces attract attention with comfort and elegance. The living area features a large television and electric fireplace, while the countertop and island kitchen in the back offers everything you need to prepare your meals.

The interior design of the house is designed to make guests feel like they are at home. Suitable for hosting six guests with three bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms, the house provides light during the day and stargazing at night with large beds and windows in the bedrooms.

The bathroom has a modern design and offers a large, bright and luxurious rain shower. The stairs leading to the upper floor and the LED lighting system add a modern touch to the interior of the house.

Those who want to stay in this unique container house must pay $264. If you are dreaming of a similar house and cannot decide, you can get inspired by hundreds of container houses by visiting our website.

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