20 FT Container Homes

Black Tiny Container Home

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Today I am going to show you 20 Ft tiny shipping container house located in Chiba, Japan.

The tiny container house is beautifully designed and will meet your needs perfectly.

The exterior of the cargo container house is gray and the lighting is well designed.

Photo Source: Airbnb

Contrary to dark colors, the light color is complemented by white and brown tones.

If you want to come to Japan and stay in such a beautiful container house, you have to pay 124$.

It can meet your shipping container house needs and is located close to the ocean.

Photo Source: Airbnb

Features of Beautiful Shipping Container house

The container house has 1 bedroom and a bathroom.

There is everything you would look for in a house. It has its own front garden and backyard deck. You can enjoy the sky on the patio.

It has chairs, a table and a small fire pit.
There is also a memory toilet and shower.

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