Multi Unit Container Homes

Container Home made with 3 Shipping Containers

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Here is a fascinating transformation story from start to finish: a magnificent 40-foot-tall, two-story cargo container home created by combining three containers in the beautiful state of Arkansas, USA!

This house has all the comforts of modern life. With three bedrooms and four beds, it offers the perfect place to host your guests or comfortably stay the family. With its two bathrooms, it ensures that your morning routines are quick and enjoyable.

A modern look was achieved by choosing black on the exterior. The additional container placed on the upper floor is equipped with a terrace for you to have a pleasant time on sunny days. Thanks to the large square windows, the interior of the house is always bright and spacious.

This house, which draws attention with its open and closed living spaces, increases social interaction with a veranda located in the middle of two containers. Here, pleasant dinners are possible with a table for four and a barbecue.

A warm atmosphere is created in the interior with the elegant combination of light gray and white. The living room features a comfortable L-armchair and a wall-mounted television. There is a wooden table for six people in the dining area, and a stylish and useful decoration in the kitchen. The mosaics on the countertop provide a striking detail.

The same attention is paid to the bedrooms. The first bedroom, illuminated by large windows, has a double bed, and the second bedroom has a double bed decorated with decorative paintings. In the third bedroom, a large square window and a comfortable king bed await you.

Bathrooms are ideal places to relax. The bathrooms, dominated by white and dark gray tones, feature large bathtubs and stylish sinks.

You only have to pay $156 to stay in this cargo container house, which is equipped with all these amenities and comfortable living spaces. While the popularity of container houses has increased recently, if you want to realize your dreams of owning your own home, you can visit our website to examine various models.

With this unique container house experience, you can combine the comfort of modern life and the beauty of sustainability. This house, which will amaze everyone with its eye-catching design and functionality, is waiting for you to make your dreams come true!

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