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The O.G.L.E. Tiny Container House – USA

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I originally saw this house on Tiny House Hunters on HGTV and I thought it was so cute! I don’t remember if the couple ended up picking this one or not, but I remember the great use of space! Here we have a complete 1 bedroom off grid container home! This is a smart automated home, energy efficient home with an entertainment system, and has its own network. Also to be noted, top of line appliances.

From Boxed Haus:

We have big ideas for small living.

The tiny home craze is upon us, and for good reason: it makes sense to reduce our footprint and only use what we need. However, we at Boxed Haus don’t like the term tiny. We prefer to say building smaller to live bigger. We set out on a journey to build the best completely self-sustainable, shippable small dwelling, without compromising on design details or comfort.

Our first Boxed Haus, The O.G.L.E (Off Grid Living Environment), has achieved these goals and more.


  • Entry level price of $59,999
  • 240 square feet of living space
  • Full Kitchen
  • Full bathroom, Flush toilet
  • 10X8 Loft bedroom with attached deck area
  • LED Lighting throughout
  • Gray water and Rainwater collection systems built-in
  • Wood Floors throughout


  • Aluminum railing
  • Smart home equipped
  • 5.1 Speaker system
  • Premium Windows
  • Granite countertops
  • Premium kitchen cabinets
  • Premium, energy efficient appliances
  • Compostable toilet
  • Solar Power

This one bedroom/ 1 bathroom was built in 2016, does not include land, has 240 sq. ft. of living space, says its $65,000.00 on Tiny House Builders but $59,900 on Boxed Haus’ website.


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