Multi Unit Container Homes

The Box Hop Cabin

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As architecture takes a step into the modern age, so too have the methods that prominent builders utilize in their day-to-day projects. The Box Hop cabin is a staggering departure from traditional cabin design — utilizing repurposed shipping containers to create a warm, holistic experience within the secluded woods of Ohio.

The Box Hop is a sustainable living space that’s comprised entirely of intermodal containers, providing a spacious three-bedroom, two-bathroom escape with a focus on modern design principles.

The minimalist home features a cozy living area that’s been built to cater toward familial socialization, a warm and inviting fireside nook, and a rooftop patio perfect for summertime contemplation. A separate six-person hot tub is nestled just below the treeline, providing serene views of the surrounding forestry while minimalizing exposure to the harsh elements.

Better yet, the home is situated on an 18.5-acre plot of land, allowing denizens to explore and immerse themselves within nature before spending a relaxing night next to the campfire.

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