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Shipping Container Home Intended for Manageable Family Living – Australia

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In this weeks episode we travel to Batemans Bay to visit the spectacular South Coast Container home, an architecturally designed shipping container home constructed using four repurposed shipping containers which aims to be sustainable, affordable, healthy and incredibly high performing.

Designed by architect Matt Elkan, the 95 square meter (1000 square foot) home is centred around family living, capable of comfortably sleeping 10 people, the home has sleeping quarters, kitchen and bathroom all situated in the four shipping containers, while the communal living and dining areas are built in an enclosed space outside of the containers, giving the home a wonderfully open design, while still providing plenty of private areas.

For both owner and architect, it was important that this home told a story of both sustainability and affordability. The home is north facing and incorporates passive solar design principles. High thermal performance was achieved through externally insulating the containers using natural wool, which allowed them to increase the bulk of the insulation without loosing space inside the containers. To ensure that the home is healthy for the family, zero VOC finishes have been used in this building.

The construction materials are honoured throughout the entire build, with parts of the shipping containers remaining exposed for transparency and honesty about the construction materials, right down to the exposed screws. This creates a semi industrial look, yet somehow doesn’t compromise on the feeling of warmth and comfort in the home, but rather adds a very interesting visual element.

For owner Simon and his family, connection to nature and the outdoors was an important aspect in this home. Large low E recycled windows and doors open out onto panoramic views of the neighbouring reserve and allow light and nature to flood into this home. On a sunny day, the entire home can be opened up onto the large surrounding deck for wonderful indoor / outdoor living.

Be sure to watch the full video tour (above) for more information about this wonderful container home. For more information, you can visit the South Coast Container on Instagram, as well as the architect’s website.

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