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Refined Exhibition Hall + Office – China

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Hi everybody,

Today we will show you the container office from China.

Description from producer:

This project is Zhuhai Jiukong’s finely decorated exhibition hall and office located in Xiangshan, Cuihu. This is a temporary space, so there is a large limit on the construction cost. At the same time, the client hopes that this space is fashionable, even temporary the exhibition hall and office should also be a space with a sense of quality, as its slogan “Nine Controls • Quality Home” says.
The designer quickly thought of the “container”.

The space is constructed by 6 shipping containers, including three major functional areas, namely the exhibition hall, conference room and office area. The combination of the shape of industrial aesthetics and the leap of color makes the building an existence that cannot be ignored.

In order to solve the closed internal environment of the container, the designer designed panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows on the container, and added skylights to allow natural light and outdoor scenery to enter the interior. The entire space is open, transparent and free. A large number of natural and soft wooden boards together with natural light create a cozy and comfortable indoor environment.

In addition to stacking, dislocation, and angular rotation, the container’s posture is inaccurate, and some externally-oriented terraces with different orientations are created as open negotiation areas.

The creation of garden landscape is another key content of the project. Modern industrial containers and outdoor flowers and trees do not feel the conflict, but they complement each other and blend naturally. This comes from the designer’s sophisticated combination and distribution of different tree species and the sense of scale and space between the overall landscape shape and the building. It is worth mentioning that the cost of garden landscape is equivalent to the cost of container space.

Project Details
Project location: Guangdong, Zhuhai
Project area: 1800 square meters
Project type: container exhibition hall design | container office design

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