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Lorraine Container House – Brazil

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Practical, functional and sustainable

Container has become increasingly popular because its construction requires less time than traditional homes. With that in mind, architect Delton Leandro built the Lorraine Container House for himself , the first minicasa, or tiny house (in which spaces are optimized, and environments and furniture, versatile) in the city The small dwelling, only 30 m² in size, was located in a small farm in the Paraíba Valley, interior of São Paulo.

The premise was the use of simple materials for a practical, economical and sustainable architectural project that combined with a peaceful life. The house has rainwater catchment systems and cisterns made with IBC container .

Land use

According to Leandro, the idea for building Lorraine’s Container House was born when he realized that this type of architecture is not so well known in the interior of São Paulo. “During the construction work, I researched suppliers and found how needy the region is for this type of technology and skilled labor. From there, I decided to specialize in this area, ”he recounts.

The way the residence was established in the farm allowed better use of the land. In addition to being used as housing, the free area is used for food planting and for any courses and parties. This space was called a container farm , because it combines the architecture of a container with the rural environment.

Container Construction

The containers were transported to the ground with the aid of a munck truck and customized on site for the construction of the house. This means of construction is one of the points for the lowest impact on the environment during the construction process.

The architect reused materials that were intended for the transportation of cargo and which after some time were no longer useful. “Reuse is very important, it avoids irregular disposal and the demand for new materials”, comments Leandro. Some plates that did not fit the frame were removed from the containers during customization and used elsewhere in the work.

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