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Calgary’s First Shipping Container Home – Canada

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Honestly, we thought of two things when we heard about Calgary’s first shipping container home. The first image was that some art gallery owner put 7 side by side somewhere downtown and called it a ‘post-industrial heritage loft’. The second was that a family out in Rocky View County made a tiny home on their property.

So, you can imagine our surprise when we pulled up to what looked like a contemporary home in a Calgary suburb. But, that’s kind of the entire model behind the builder- Homes by 3Leafs. By completely transforming discarded and recycled shipping containers, which often end up sitting in landfills, 3Leafs has created a completely new approach to modern home design.

Walking inside, we got to check out a with just over 1900 square feet of living space. With the bedrooms on the main level, the living space and kitchen upstairs, and a fully finished basement, the home looked like it would fit in more in LA than in Calgary.

What’s more, it has been built to the highest possible standards. Not only is it sturdier than modern wood-frame homes, but it’s also amongst the most efficient on the market. With net-zero capabilities and a fully integrated smart home system, the home defines a new standard for modern living.

Which is exactly what Homes by 3Leafs is going for. With homes in Edmonton, BC and now Calgary, the company has proven itself as a leader in the home developer market.

If you’d like to learn more about Homes by 3Leafs, you can check out their website here.

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