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Wonderful Two Story Shipping Container Home, Peru

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One of the most imaginative proposition of the Casa Cor 2014 in Peru was the “Reused House” by SF Architects, driven by Sachie Fujimori and her group comprising of Anna Duelo, Ursula Ludowieg O’Phelan and Marc Koening, This is a simply biological activity dependent on shipping containers and reused materials that benefits comfort, space reserve funds and the self-age of vitality and assets.

The structure of the “Casa Reciclada” comprises of three shipping containers. Two of them are 20 feet on the main floor, and one is 40 feet on the subsequent floor. Fujimori clarifies that the plan is made for a youthful couple for a wide open living.

The utilization of shipping containers for lodging is an elective that few nations have received to construct homes, condos or houses for understudies. In Peru shipping containers are normally use for mining camps, clinics and workplaces.

“What’s going on for this situation is that a shipping container, being a secluded framework segment, turns into a key piece of structure and can adjust with no issue to client needs and tastes”, Fujimori clarifies.

Among the upsides of this material, there are features in its self-supporting condition. Shipping containers are marine frameworks whose capacity is to move freight, and they have capacity to take part in gatherings of nine, one over another. It demonstrates that shipping containers are in all respects basically safe, and they are likewise arranged to oppose outrageous temperatures. “These qualities convert containers in entirely versatile frameworks. Along these lines, it is conceivable to utilize it for various undertakings, for example, development of homes once they have been released”, clarifies the designer.

Similarly, and on the off chance that you plan to ever build the quantity of rooms at home, you can expand the quantity of containers. “Make a design with shipping conteiners is a developmental work, which may shift after some time”, she says.

As a major aspect of the proposition, there are inside components produced using reused materials. Within the house, it was chosen to leave the floor of unique container wood and porch is produced using reused elastic tiles.

During the visit through the house, you value different articles that have been changed to offer life to another item. For instance, an altered topographic overview tripod was utilized to make a light; while at the passageway a little table was framed with a little seat and an old satchel. In the subsequent level, a Singer sewing machine fills in as a base for washing bowl while a tennis racket was transformed into a mirror.

The shipping container house additionally has a little garden. The modeler Fujimori states that this space was planned in consistence to claim age of vitality and assets, as it permits developing sustenance to have them new and within reach. Green divider works like characteristic warm and acoustic protector, which gives better comfort inside.

A similar vitality idea is connected in the position of 10 sun oriented boards on the rooftop. Ten sunlight based boards lessens the electrical utilization of the house by over 25% in the nearby atmosphere, and furthermore permits to light up the porch and the nursery, outside the house.

The “Reused House” incorporates 60 sqm interior territory and 53 sqm porch region.

Social space was considered as patio with floor from reused elastic tiles; just as a plantation and gardens on both the first and second levels.

The shipping container house incorporates a passage lobby, lounge room, kitchen-lounge area and visitor washroom on the principal floor, while in the subsequent floor there are the couple’s work area territory, room and main restroom.

Fujimori additionally features the utilization of glass materials, arranged to “open” the container towards the outside nature, taking into account that the house was intended for a farmland zone. Simultaneously this additionally permits the visual space be more extensive.

“For these kinds of activities, what perfect in environmental terms is to utilize twofold leaf windows. This kind of windows are in the room and what they do is that the

indoor condition consistently have an ideal temperature; and simultaneously, is acoustically impervious to commotion outside”, she says.

The thought behind this task is to create reflexion with respect to the utilization of reused materials and all conceivable outcomes that exist around them just as the utilization of elective arrangements regarding materials and clean vitality.

Furthermore, the significance of realizing how to esteem living space: “We don’t need zones so open or gigantic houses for happy with living”, Fujimori closes.

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