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This Container House in South Korea Looks Really Authentic

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Hi everybody

Today we will show you shipping container house from South Korea.

This container house in South Korea looks really authentic.

Containers have certain advantages over traditional construction, and if you harness those in the right way, there can be economic benefits. The trick is to try to accept containers for what they are and work with them instead of against them.

Empty shipping containers are intentionally made so that they are exactly the same size and shape as millions of others. So how are they unique? In the same way that every painting is just a canvas with some paint on it. What’s unique isn’t the material itself, it’s what you can do with it!

Container Hacker explores all the container houses in the world for your valuable readers and shares them for your ideas.
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Container House Day 1

Container House Day 3

Container House Day 10

Container House Day 14

Container House Day 18

Source : blog.naver

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