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In recent years, the use of shipping containers in various buildings has increased due to its modern and sustainable aspects. This is due to the fact that a container has a lifespan of approximately eight years in the marine market, while its actual life span is approximately 100 years. Therefore, such objects are often used in warehouses, decay, rust and are not used without further apparent use.

However, this box made of aluminum or fiber steel is very durable, including rain, fire and other weather conditions, and justifies the increased view of containers hosting commercial institutions and even homes. Yes, it is possible to build an inclusive house or even help the environment by making use of this material.

Advantages of Container House

Cleaner work: Reducing debris and other materials reduces disposal in the nature and prevents environmental pollution.
Conservation of natural resources: Since the container house will be less water, sand, cement, iron and so on.
Not Expensive: If construction is well managed, it is possible to save at least 30% as it is in a traditional construction – that is to say, economically sustainable.
Speed: 60 to 90 days, more or less, all work can be completed.
More durable: With a very long shelf life, the container withstands a variety of harsh weather conditions and can withstand multiple loads at the same time, indicating less repair and maintenance over its lifetime.

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