20 FT Container Homes

Tiny Cargo Container House With Solar Panel

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Hello, today I will introduce you to a 20ft tiny cargo container house. This container house is located in Virgin, Utah, United States, in Zion national park.

The container house is located on a wonderful land in a desert oasis next to the Virgin river, which offers complete privacy while being secluded.

Although the tiny cargo container house is tiny, it has the comfort of a big house. While the container house was designed, the best and luxury of everything was considered.

The large windows allow you to benefit from the sunlight all day long. You can also relax a bit by watching the stars at night.

When we first look at the cargo container house, the veranda of the house catches the eye. You can enjoy the view on this patio. It also produces its own energy with solar panels placed on its roof and allows you to live away from the grid.

The tiny house has been upgraded with cut-out container pieces to offer more comfort and living space. Thus, the bedroom was built on this raised area and a very large area was obtained in the living area.

Everything you have in your home in the shipping container house has been thought of and presented.

You can benefit from many features that this house offers you, such as tv, wifi, coffee machine, ceiling fan, air conditioning, hot, cold water mountain view, river and desert view.

The exterior of the house is white and brown, and the interior is detailed with furniture and furniture of the same color. The container house has a queen bed and a foldable sofa that can accommodate 4 guests.

If you want to stay in such a beautiful shipping container house, you have to pay 322$.

Container houses are trendy and popular lately. If you want to have your own container house but you haven’t decided on the model yet, you can take a look at hundreds of container house models on our site.

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