Multi Unit Container Homes

This Eco-Friendly Container Home Is The Ultimate Norse Getaway – Norway

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The popularity of shipping container houses seems to transcend trends since they’re quick to set up just about anywhere and are more eco-friendly than a lot of other options. The Container House By The Heyon takes that same concept and applies it to an off-grid domain for modern living.

Designed to be set in the mountains of Norway, this isolated getaway integrates three shipping containers to create the ultimate escape for outdoor lovers. The ground floor of the structure includes a tambour, dining room, kitchen, two restrooms, a bedroom, and a low-lying deck.

Head upstairs and you’ll find an additional bedroom and restroom, a corridor, and a balcony so you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountain range while you sip on a warm cup of coffee. One of the shipping containers also includes a grass roof perfect for elevated picnic lunches. The Heyon’s design for a Norway shipping container retreat is one we’d love to see come to life.

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