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The Grand Designs Shipping Container House – Ireland

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Probably shipping containers are not your first choice for building your dream home, but it definitely was for Maghera-based architecture Patrick Bradley. He has built a beautiful countryside home from four 45-feet long shipping containers. Dubbed Grillagh Water House, it is cantilevered over a stream at a beautiful spot on Bradley’s family farm in North Ireland.

Although the house is constructed out of four shipping containers, but that doesn’t mean the 34-year-old architect has compromised on any luxury elements within his dream home. He told in an interview that his 1,236-square feet residential property had an initial budget of just £100,000 (approx. USD $161,784), however the architects’ expensive tastes and choices of hi-end luxury elements pushed the cost up to £133,000 (approx. USD $215,173) to make his dream a reality.

The containers are stacked over each other brilliantly forming a two-story home that rests on a concrete foundation. External metal cladding in dark grey-color with contrasting natural Corten steel helped Patrick to design a sculptural piece of art in form of a house that nestles in middle of a beautiful country landscape. The house’s striking contrasting exterior in dark metal and wood colored steel creates a visually appealing landmark in this rural countryside.

Interior of Grillagh Water House features minimal yet contemporary designs in all areas of the house including two bedrooms, bathroom and spacious living, kitchen and dining areas. The bathroom boosts a stylish hammock bath tub that comes with a heavy price tag of about £16,500 (approx. USD $26,694). This bathtub’s sleek look and fine texture offer more than required for a bathroom necessity. Apart from this extravagant bathroom element, huge glass windows are installed into the metal structure to brighten up internal areas of the house with natural daylight.

It is an intriguing architectural design that has proven the notion wrong that a dream house cannot be built using few shipping containers. This amazing house shows that if you have zeal and creative mind than you can turn anything into your fantasy abode.

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