40 FT Container Homes

The Boxed Haus

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Meet the Boxed Haus; a new and innovative design on the shipping container home.

The home measures 520 sq ft, but has an eco-footprint of a 320 sq ft home. The Boxed Haus’ layout includes a kitchen, living room area, bedroom, a full bathroom, and an upstairs deck. There’s also an option to add a patio and/or mini greenhouse.

The home is well-insulated, designed to reduce its environmental impact, and comes move-in ready. Its kitchen is fully outfitted with appliances, and the home’s bathroom features a shower/tub combination.

The Boxed Haus also comes equipped with a number of tech feature including surround sound, Apple TV, and a ring smart doorbell.

The home’s price starts at $60,000 for its “Vanilla” option and $80,000 for its standard option. You can also add solar panels to the home for an additional fee!

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