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The Aesther Apparel retail store in San Francisco

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This right here is the first standalone retail store that Aesther Apparel launched in San Francisco. It was designed by studio Envelope A&D and it’s made of three reclaimed shipping containers which are stacked and slightly cantilevered, giving the store a dynamic, geometric look.

The staggered containers retain an industrial look but also have a fairly mainstream appearance which allows the store to blend into the surroundings and that’s mostly due to the dark coloring of the facades and the glass sections.

Speaking of glass, the second container creates a cool-looking protrusion, a glass cantilever which acts as a display case and at the same time brings more sunlight into the store. Inside, the containers have reclaimed oak floors which give them a very welcoming look and add a warm touch to the industrial design of the store. The third container, the one at the top, is a storage area.

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