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Shipping Container 4 Story Complex – Office, Cafe and Hotel in Seoul, South Korea

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This 4 story shipping container hotel in Seoul, which is called Orange Cube, consists of a basement, four floors above the ground and a penthouse. Unlike container houses, which are recently built in the Seoul suburbs, this shipping container house is used as a complex space with residential space, business office and commercial space.

The first floor is utilized as a cafe. Unlike the orange-colored exterior, the interior and window frames were painted in white to give a clean, modern feel. In addition, the folding door was installed to give a cool feeling of openness.

The interior of the cafe is simple in white color, including white color rail lighting, making it look more spacious and bright. It is notable that the table and the shelf were designed with a wooden material to give a soft and warm feeling, and designed to boldly open the wall to expand the space.

In the basement there is an office space for rent. In order to use the basement as a business office, the height of the floor was raised. Since it is an underground space, waterproofing work and interior insulation work were carried out.

The windows in the four-story interior are designed to be spacious, creating a bright and full of light space. Terrace on the top floor allows enjoy a relaxed life unique to a house in this area. And it has a soft and gentle atmosphere by attaching cream colored curtains that harmonize with the interior design of natural wood tone and white kitchen.

Description by Seoul Selection

Meet Daewon, a young architect who has won several awards domestically and abroad. If you think an architect would be the best person to design a guesthouse, you would be absolutely right. But it is only after having designed a few guesthouses in Seoul that Daewon decided to create his own. In spite of the constraints he had at the time, he clearly managed to build a truly one-of-a-kind place to stay.

The name of the place is Orange Cube. A very appropriately chosen name indeed, since, as the photos make pretty clear, the building is a big orange stack of 14 shipping containers. It is, in fact, the tallest container building in the country. The color and the material alone make Daewon’s place stand out from all other structures in the area. Those aren’t the only things you will find are unique to Orange Cube, however.

Daewon runs a design company, Design Guild. They design more than just buildings. In fact, he and his team designed an impressive share of the decorations in the rooms and the ground floor cafe. You may find a rocking wooden chair in your room, pen and toothbrush holders, 3D printed light covers and much more. It is in that deeply creative environment that guests get immersed in when they arrive at the destination. You feel as if you are stepping inside Ali Baba’s cave. The ground floor cafe is full of objects and drawings Design Guild has created over the last four years.

The rooms themselves are very simply and practically decorated. The penthouse guests can enjoy views of Mt. Namsan and Mt. Maebongsan from their terrace. Orange Cube’s location is another reason to base your stay there. It is situated in a little niche between two hills, a quiet patch away from the virulent traffic of the city. Within walking distance, however, you’ll find all you need to restore your energy. One subway stop away is Itaewon, the geographical heart of the city; you can go anywhere very quickly from there. Travel to that very diverse and culturally rich area to find food from all over the globe or simply an international mood you will find nowhere else in Seoul.

If you want to experience Korea’s much-lauded modernity in unique, comfortable surroundings, Orange Cube is your pick.

Address: 32 42-gil, Hannam-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Email[email protected]
Phone: 01049122929

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