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Serene Backyard Cafe & Restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Hi everybody,

Today we will show you the container coffee from Thailand.

Sleep in a shipping container and hear the birdsong, experience the cool and cost-effective homestay in Chiang Mai.

The hotel is located near the Nawarat Bridge, across the river from Valolo, arguably one of the most prosperous areas of Chiang Mai Night Market.

There are three such container building complexes in the courtyard, which can be ordered as a whole or separately. There is a large area of ​​grass in the courtyard, and there is a terrace behind the second floor to relax.

At night, this shop is still a clear bar and restaurant of the same name. It has its own cafe, and the menu is very rich. It has everything from Thai food to Western food. The price is cheap in this area. distance. There is also a wealth of beer and coffee ☕️.

Vintage decoration and chic graffiti.

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