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Rhino Cubed – Shipping Container Tiny Homes

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Post by Nicole Brooks

If you are looking for a sustainable, secure tiny dwelling with artistic flair, check out what Rhino Cubed has to offer. Rhino Cubed builds tiny structures from re-purposed shipping containers, up-cycling a product that would otherwise become the planet’s waste. Made of Corten steel, a shipping container is virtually indestructible…wind proof, waterproof, rodent proof, and fire-resistent. Sam Austin, chief architect and designer says, “A shipping container is the perfect building envelope and can truly be an heirloom product due to its long lifespan and low maintenance.” A shipping container Cube can be used as a tiny home, cabin or studio. The uses are unlimited.

Rhino Cubes range in size from 160 square feet up to 640 square feet, depending on the plan. Size is the biggest factor in sustainability and cost. A small home uses fewer building materials and requires fewer resources to function. This means less water, electricity, and fuel usage, so the environmental impact is much lower, and the user’s annual cost decreases significantly.

These units can be purchased in an “on-grid” or “off-grid” configuration. On-grid would mean being hooked up to local water and sewer, electricity, and having normal appliances. “Off-grid” options include solar-powered appliances, composting toilet, self-contained water tanks, and various energy-efficient heating and cooking appliances.

But, small doesn’t have to mean ugly. The design element that Rhino Cubed brings to each Cube is a key differentiator within the industry. Steel window bucks strengthen both the integral design and artistic interest. Designer wooden timbers and a cedar trellis add warmth. A 4-foot Rhino horn juts up from one end, holding a flag of choice.

The inside is insulated with closed-cell foam insulation, providing R59 on the roof and R22 on the walls- exceeding the most stringent American requirements for wind, heat and cold. The inside is also finished with hickory floors, paneling, and options for a kitchen, bathroom, and appliances. All Rhino Cubes are built to code.

Unlike most tiny homes that are built on wheels, Rhino Cubed offers a more stable and secure home option. A Cube can be attached to a foundation but also can be easily detached and transported to a new location if needed. Best of all, there are no building hassles or architectural fees to deal with.

Discover the Rhino Cubed difference!


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