40 FT Container Homes

Project Mod 1.40 by Mod Container

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The best living spaces balance strength with natural light, and they give builders, designers, and dwellers, the flexibility to shape the space’s aesthetic. Mod Container’s Mod 1.40 is an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) with the sturdiness of a steel container, and it integrates with the outdoor space via its 12’x8’ accordion doors.

With an 8’x40’ floor plan and a generous 9’6” height, the Mod 1.40 is a perfect structure for a guest house, pool house, office, or modern tiny home – with all electrical and plumbing components installed. It can be welded onto a permanent foundation.

The powder-coated steel walls are rust- and fire-resistant. Its 320 square feet include a bathroom with shower, kitchen, living room, and bedroom; the look and feel of each room is customizable. Climate is controlled by the in-wall split-system heating/AC unit. There’s the option of a 16’x12’ deck.

Modern options are as money-saving as they are eco-friendly: photovoltaic panels fit perfectly onto the ADU’s roof, and a side-mounted wind turbine is available.

The ADU can be designed to connect. Each container can attach to another, so the space and features are multiplied. The ultimate shape and utility of each multi-container design is limited only by your imagination.


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