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Pokchae Container House – South Korea

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Hi everybody,

Today we will show you Pokchae container house from South Korea.

Moment of inspiration whales dream…

My home in another home with comfort, the sea of Namhae in front of curtains, Mongdol, and the sound of the sea of Sacheon Beach.
The day of the whales will come true.
New dreams: rest in nature and dream new dreams
Beautiful dreams: family and me, lovers and me, nature and me beautiful dreams …
Romantic dream: Looking at the ocean view and dreaming of a romantic dream
I hope you will stay in the nature of Namhae to loosen your worries and experience the moment of inspiration.

◎ Room Information

-Area: 30 m2
-Room Type: Studio
-Special Features: Pokchae Container House, Ocean View, Yeosu Night View, Sunset

Source and Booking : Goraekum

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