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Oshikawa Shungetsudo Container House – Japan

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It was a great experience that Earth Smart in Oita Prefecture had a relationship with Miyazaki’s long-established Japanese confectionery confectionery “Oshikawa Shungetsudo”.
When the container house wasn’t attracting much attention yet, we learned about our company on our website and consulted.

Mr. Oshikawa Shungetsudo has a great deal of attention not only for its delicious taste throughout the country, but also for package design so that customers can enjoy it as a gift or a gift.

Therefore, in order to realize the image of the shop and the owner, we repeated the meeting and the design of the container house.

The completed image of the container house was completed, and we proceeded to create design drawings and process containers.
Many craftsmen and experts, including architects, carpenters, welders, and electricians, cooperated in the production process. The work will proceed carefully, including the building regulations. The goal of “creating new value in a container house” gradually became a form.

It is finally time to move the container house from our site in Oita Prefecture to Takanabe in Miyazaki Prefecture.

We transport important container houses using large cranes and trailers, taking care to avoid accidents.

In parallel with the processing of the container house, necessary work such as foundation work will proceed at the installation site in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Earth Smart has a housing renovation department, which can help with housing and store development in total, not just container houses.

This time, I will be in charge of exterior design and construction. The exterior has been completed using plenty of green that shines in a clean white container house.

We will install necessary equipment such as chilled cases and original counters and shelves that we have produced.

Finally, in April, the container house of the Oshikawa Shungetsu Takanabe store “pâtisserie OSHIKAWA” was completed.

We built a very nice container house at a popular store, and after that, we received many inquiries from us.

“I would like you to create a container house like Mr. Oshikawa!” Every time I received an inquiry, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who cooperated with Oshikawa and helped with the construction.

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