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Mumbai Family Reused Shipping Containers To Build Low-Cost Sustainable Home ! – India

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Hi everybody,

Today we will show you the container house from India.

The Pardiwala family’s initiative to use containers for building a house is a perfect example of going eco-friendly without having to make major changes in one’s lifestyle.

The Orange Box Project

Made using a shipping container, this Cuff Parade family’s vacation home is unique in its shape and size.

Taking the metaphor ‘think-out-of-the-box’ quite literally, Pardiwala brothers — Mishal and Mikhail — have turned their barren land in Zirad into a sustainable and affordable living quarter. Nestled on top of a little hill, the family has converted the 8ft width 40 ft in length steel shipping containers into their holiday home.

“Zirad is a small village in between Mandwa and Alibaug. If you look at the land, it is on the edge of a very visible high point, and we had the land lying for many years just growing vegetables. It was a good time to do something with the land. So we all sat together and decided on how to go about it,” says Mishal, who co-owns sustainable brand TreeWear with his younger brother Mikhail.

Named the Orange Box the property is spread over one acre of land. Comprising six containers — making for three bedrooms, one living room, and a kitchen — each room as a balcony of their own.

Carried out over two years, the Orange Box Project is kind of an experimental building using 6 standard shipping containers. Some of the unique features of the space is the water harvesting roof, the open courtyard and other spaces that are kept cool by utilizing the shape of the containers in conjunction with the winds.

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