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Innovative Design and Cost Efficiency Revealed: Amagansett Container House

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A Visionary Solution for a Triangular Port

A unique architectural masterpiece has taken root in the picturesque town of Amagansett, New York. Kissed by the warmth of beautiful sunsets, the triangular, wooded, corner lot on high ground was the canvas on which a couple with three children envisioned their dream home. They looked for a place where they could enjoy the beauty of summer and have weekend getaways throughout the year. But there was a challenge: a limited budget that fell well short of ever-increasing construction costs. This is where innovative architects come in to create an affordable yet exciting solution.

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A Bold Approach to Design and Construction

The architects were presented with a challenging task: to create a residence with four bedrooms, three shared bathrooms, a kitchen, living space, outdoor dining and relaxation areas, a pool and large lawn area for play. But what set this project apart from others was the willingness to explore unconventional materials, construction methods, and design strategies to achieve affordability without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality.

In search of a cost-effective and fascinating solution, the architects ventured into uncharted territory by proposing a prefabricated, shipping container-based design. They believed this bold choice could not only reduce costs but also offer a canvas for exciting design experiments.

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The Innovative Power of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers, narrow in nature usually measuring 7 feet and 2 inches wide, became the building blocks of this remarkable home. The architects chose to stack two 12-metre-long containers side by side, covering the interior floor, walls and ceiling of half of this ‘4-pack’ unit. This transformation created a living space soaring 17 meters high, a design choice that will add an exciting and significant spatial dimension to the home.

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Large Amphitheater Living Room

Thanks to redesigned shipping containers, the heart of the house turned out to be a large living room. The architects decided to carve out the containers to create this voluminous space and imagined it as an architectural marvel. To reach the second floor from this room, they opted for a wide staircase that spanned the entire width of a single container. This bold design decision expanded the living room’s high ceiling, creating a seamless transition from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, and windows to the backyard, pool, and stunning sunsets beyond. The living room has become an inviting ‘amphitheatre’ room where family gatherings and unforgettable moments are sure to happen.

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Symphony of Simplicity and Efficiency

Seeking to maintain affordability while providing attractive and tidy rooms, architects embraced simplicity in both spatial layout and material selection. The linear geometry of the containers, combined with their structural strength, guided the room layout and structural requirements. One notable detail was revealed: a small 10′ x 10′ second-floor extension, essentially bolted and welded to the main building, held in tension without the need for a beam below. This ingenious approach significantly reduced both construction time and costs.

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Embracing the Surrounding Land

The architects made a conscious decision to place a single container to accommodate the two bedrooms some distance away from the main building. This move created courtyard-like outdoor spaces that allowed the house to fit seamlessly into the sloping terrain. The result is a feeling of space that gives this unique residence its ‘tiny house’ appeal despite its compact footprint.

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Nature as a Central Element

During construction, great care was taken to preserve the single tall oak tree on the property. This majestic oak served as a pivot point, anchoring two different parts of the building together. A transparent bridge elegantly connected these building sections, creating a tranquil transition zone adorned with tall grasses and bushes. Whether crossing the bridge or approaching the front door, the experience was not a pleasant one, with nature seamlessly integrated into the architectural vision.

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Speed, Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

In a remarkable achievement, the installation of this innovative house was completed in just two days and the entire project was completed within two months. More importantly, the cost savings achieved through this creative approach were both significant and meaningful. In a world where construction costs are forever rising, this home stands as a testament to what can be achieved through forward-thinking design, creative use of materials and an unwavering commitment to efficiency.

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A Beacon of Inspiration

The Amagansett Container House is much more than a residence; It is a beacon of inspiration for those who want to make their dreams of a beautiful, affordable home a reality. It showcases the power of innovative thinking that challenges traditional construction norms and embraces sustainable and affordable construction methods.

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A Legacy for Future Generations

As the sun sets over Amagansett, this architectural gem shines warmly; It serves as a testament to the possibilities that lie at the intersection of creativity, budget constraints, and modern construction methods. This house will undoubtedly leave a legacy for future generations and remind us all that with the right vision, anything is possible, even affordable, sustainable and breathtaking architecture.

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