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Fort Worth Shipping Container Residence Texas – USA

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Shipping containers never looked so chic!

This beautiful Shipping Container Home is located in the Cultural District of Fort Worth, Texas. Architects on the project are Studio 97w

Two story residential structure created from ISBU shipping containers.  The first level unit is 500SF; the second level unit is 800SF with access to a roof deck.

Remodeled shipping containers are super trendy right now. Not only are you recycling but they can also be turned into some of the coolest tiny homes you’ll ever see. This super chic Airbnb in Fort Worth is a shipping container has a stunning interior plus two decks that let you sit outside in perfect shady comfort. The top floor deck is uncovered, making it great for when the sun finally goes down on summer nights.

The shipping container apartment is only about two miles from downtown Fort Worth, meaning you’ll never miss out on the nightlife. The space was designed to be very open, resembling a modern loft. The 700 square-foot top floor deck has an amazing view of downtown and a grill so you can bring friends along with you. The apartment has large windows which let in tons of amazing natural light.

The apartment is big enough to fit four guests having two bedrooms with a queen size bed and an amazing common area. The listing does come with TV and Wi-Fi and since they try to accommodate longer stays, they do you have a workspace available for anybody that needs it. The kitchen is stocked with anything you might need including a mini fridge and a portable cooktop to make your own meals.

A night at this awesome apartment is listed at about $145. The listing does favor people that are staying for long periods of time but if you plan to stay for less than a week, you can still rent the apartment closer to the date of your arrival.

To book your stay at this amazing shipping container apartment you can visit their Airbnb page here.

For an experience like no other, you need to check out this incredible tiny home in Fort Worth!

Shipping Container Apartment

Price Per Night: $145

Address or Neighborhood: Fort Worth

Why you need to go: The remodeled shipping container is a super chic apartment that has tons of room on their rooftop to hang out and have fun. 

Link to Rent this Shipping Container Experience on AirBNB

Source : Studio97wMediumAirbnb

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