20 FT Container Homes

Floating Shipping Container Home

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Hello, today I am going to introduce you a 20ft floating shipping container house.

The floating container house is located inside the Brasília Motonautica Clube marina in Lake Paranoa, Brazil.

It’s only $86 a night to experience this beautiful container house on the lake.

Features of this container house on the lake; The container house has a 2-bedroom, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

The container house is anchored at the end of the pier. The pier is stylishly made and illuminated for you to walk at night.

The details of the house, the interior and exterior design of the container house are combined with brown and gray. Its beautifully designed roof is made into a triangular shape.

The outside deck has sun loungers, a wooden table, chairs and a BBQ fire pit.

There are also two canoes, 3m long and 1.30m long, and a boat made of aluminum.

Inside is pretty much everything you’re looking for in a shipping container home. Completely designed from wifi to microwave.
It offers a nice experience where you will have a good time with your guests and loved ones.

Container houses have been very popular lately. If you want to have your own container house, but you haven’t decided on the model yet, you can take a look at hundreds of container house models on our site.

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