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Cdl Container Design Loft, Uruguay

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The CDL Container Design Lofts are making their mark in the Uruguayan AirBnB scene. Nestled inside a small fishing town called José Ignacio, in the Maldonado region, this compelling modular build beckons visitors to embrace the simpler things in life.Intrigued? Let’s venture a little closer.

Four shipping containers were used in the overall design – each comprising a special room for the retreat’s guests. The private yard includes a vegetable garden and bonfire cooking essentials.

Upstairs, a spacious deck showcases the surrounding forested vistas.

Bright furnishings greet us into the homey open-plan interiors.

The living area sustains some of the exterior motifs, through its red furnishings, a touch of greenery and lush wooden flooring all around.

The kitchen is minimalist and complete, with a breakfast bar and your culinary staples within an arm’s reach.

An ample amount of cushions line the cozy bed, and a bedside lamp adds a bit of color to this room.

Lastly, a small fleet of colorful decorative pieces brings out the artistic side of the bathroom’s vanity.

You can tell that this container home is designed for a soothing, hospitable experience. Ideal for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in a simpler lifestyle while on vacation.

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