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Luxury Shipping Container House – Canada

This house in Exshaw, Bow Valley, Canada is unique and interesting.
Six 40 foot shipping containers have been used in the build which were modified ‘off site’ which makes the build much quicker.
There is a garage behind the house which was built ‘on site’ with timber, steel etc. but not containers.

Shipping Container Homes

Blocks Container Structures is changing the game with affordable and durable structures perfect for personal homes, commercial buildings and industrial needs. People use durable Sea Cans/Shipping Containers to create incredible structures, designed and finished exactly to needs.

Benefits of Shipping Container Homes

There are many! Some of the benefits include the fact that shipping containers are sustainable, impervious to water, insects, rodents, mildew and fire, incredibly strong, less expensive, easy to expand, and they can reduce construction time by up to 40%.

Shipping Container Home Made Easy™
Exshaw's first sea can house

Exshaw's first sea can house is now complete. Take a peek inside from Thursday's open house as Blocks Container Structures president Charles Lemieux explains what makes this home different.

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Source : Blocks Container Structures

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  1. Stephen Fleury Stephen Fleury July 19, 2020

    Hello, just wondering how much this model costs? Thank you!!

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