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Shipping Container Home in Abuja – Nigeria

This modern home in Abuja was built in just 8 weeks using shipping containers.

This modern 2+bedroom detached home in Kado district, Abuja was completed in just 8 weeks using re-purposed shipping containers.

The home was built by Abuja-based Apro binna Construction ltd in collaboration with A&K Construction ltd and Boums Concepts ltd at a cost of roughly N60 million. It covers about 195 sqm and features large windows, grc/wood cladding as well as prominent cantilevers at the front and rear of the building.

Here are some images of the construction and final build courtesy Apro binna Construction.

Source : livinspaces

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  1. Mike Cozzolino Mike Cozzolino April 17, 2020

    How could I get a copy of these building plans? I love this look….thank you, mike

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