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π-ville 99 Korea University, Seoul – South Korea

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Korea university’s π-ville 99 repurposes containers to expand student spaces in seoul. π-ville 99, designed by urban intensity architects is intended to provide additional areas for the univeristy, opening up a completely new type of atmosphere for students. the vacant lot neighboring the university was transformed into an innovative building made of recycled shipping containers.

The designers intentionally used disposed containers to keep the original, raw surfaces untouched giving the building an authentic recycled look. although the building appears as a temporary structure, it is meant to stay on site permanently. the composition of the containers create alternating interior and exterior spaces, providing ample balconies as well as enclosed rooms for many purposes.

The stacked building hosts a series of areas suitable for students. the spaces are divided into two main massings: the a-block containing the auditorium, and the b-block with the studio spaces. the a-block includes a cafeteria area, the media room and open spaces for exhibitions. the b-block includes a penthouse, open studios, meeting rooms and classrooms. both main stacks are connected through open walkways generating wide terraces. 

The building’s vibrant colors reflect the student’s youthful energy. the spaces created by the containers encourage creativity and innovation within the university. the open areas provide a different environment from the conventional closed university buildings. 

Project Info :

Architect: urban intensity architects (wee jinbok)

Location: anam-dong 50-1, seongbuk-gu, seoul, Korea

Building area: 539.47m2

Building scope: a — 4f, b — 5f / height: a — 11.1m, b — 14.4m

Structure: steel, container structure

Exterior finishing: chlorinated rubber paint

Interior finishing: fire resistance gypsum board

Design period: dec. 2015 ~ june 2016

Construction period: july ~ oct. 2016

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